Study of the energy transport and release processes in the solar chromosphere and corona with inclusion of the effects of partially ionized helium

Principal Investigator Dr. Maxim L. KHODACHENKO
E-Mail maxim.khodachenko[at]
Address Schmiedlstrasse 6, 8042 Graz, AUSTRIA
Research Institution Space Research Institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences
Approval date 01.06.2009
Project duration Start: 01.09.2009
End: 31.07.2013
Scientific field(s) 1205 (Astrophysics): 30%
1223 (Space Research): 25%
1228 (Physics of plasma): 40%
1151 (Numerical computation): 5%
Keywords solar chromosphere and corona
MHD waves and oscillations
partially ionized plasmas
energy transport and release in solar atmosphere