Arriving to Graz

If travelling by plane, the closest airport is that of Graz, which hosts several daily connections to Vienna, Munich, and Frankfurt. From Graz airport, the city of Graz is reachable by train, bus, or taxi. The airport's train station is located about 300 metres away from the airport and there is about 1 train each hour to Graz. Any train directed towards North will stop in Graz. Train tickets can be bought at the train station vending machine. The airport bus stop is in front of the departure area of the airport, less than 100 metres to the left of the arrival area. One train or bus ticket between Graz airport and the city costs 2.40 €. A taxi ride from Graz airport to the meeting venue will cost about 25 €, and about 30 € to the city centre. There are not that many planes flying to Graz and it will be likely that several attendees will be on the same flight to Graz, hence sharing a taxi may be easily possible and convenient. Taxis can be found just outside of airport's arrival area. The number to call a taxi within the city is +43 316 878. If landing in Vienna, instead, there are direct buses and train connections from Vienna airport to Graz. By either train or bus, the trip Vienna-Graz takes about 2.5 hours.


Meeting Venue

The meeting will be held at the Inffeld campus of the Graz University of Technology (TU Graz). The closest tram and bus stops are those of Schulzentrum St. Peter, which is one of the main public transfer points in the city. A map of the area indicating the nearby tram/bus stops and the meeting venue can be downloaded here. This map shows the city net of public transport, highlighting the stop closest to the meeting venue. The city centre, as well as most of the hotels, can be reached with the tram number 6. Tickets for public transport can be bought either from the bus driver or at the vending machine inside each tram. One bus/tram ticket costs 2.40 €.


Meeting Rooms

The meeting rooms are located in two separate buildings, as shown by this map. In the basement of the building located towards North-West (i.e., top-left), there is the big room for the plenary session (Room 11). At the ground and first floor of the building located towards South-East (bottom-right), there are four smaller rooms for splinters. Coffee breaks will be served TBD.


Lunch Possibilities

There are several possibilities for lunch inside and outside campus. The university mensa is located inside the building right in between the two buildings in which the meeting will be held. This map shows the position of the available bars, restaurants, and supermarkets nearby the meeting venue.