Space Plasma Physics

Since ages experimental measurements and their evaluation play an important role in the description of physical problems. For the description of the solar wind - magnetosphere interaction in the near Earth space plasma parameters of the solar wind as well as the strength and structure of the interplanetary magnetic field are of great importance. To get these parameters we use measurements of various spacecraft. Later on these measurements will be used for the simulation of before developed theoretical models, which try to explain the appearance of different phenomena in the near Earth space. The great amount of spacecraft launched in the last decades is an essential cause for the progress in the description of interaction structures in the near Earth space.

Measurements in the near Earth space are available from the satellites Geotail, AMPTE, Interball, Goes, Polar and others. Great results are coming forth from the Cluster mission launched in 2000. Cluster is a multi spacecraft mission existing of four satellites orbiting the Earth in the constellation of a tetraeder.