28. January 2015
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IWF director Wolfgang Baumjohann was named scientist of the year 2014 by the Austrian Klub der Bildungs- und Wissenschaftsjournalisten.



ESA’s Venus Express spacecraft has run out of fuel and will burn up in the atmosphere of Venus after a successful eight-year mission. The scientific output was enormous: Data collected by the magnetometer built at IWF Graz led to almost 100 refereed papers.

Further information is found in an ESA Press Release.



The Graz built atomic force microscope MIDAS aboard Rosetta yields first results on Chury's cometary dust.

Further information is found in ESA's Rosetta Blog.




On Wednesday, 17 December 2014, Mark Bentley presents at the AGU Fall Meeting the first results of the MIDAS atomic force microscope, which was developed and built under the leadership of IWF Graz.



The ROMAP magnetometer is one of ten instruments aboard Rosetta's lander Philae. Its data helped to reconstruct Philae's flight path and landing.

ROMAP was developed under the leadership of TU Braunschweig. IWF Graz contributed with the control unit and flight software.

Further information on the incredible flight of Philae is found in a TU Braunschweig press release.


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